The most important factor in ghost hunting is to learn how to identify the ghost or spirit that is causing the paranormal activity inside your home.  Since my blog is all about ghosts, each week I will give you some tantalizing details about the different types of ghost.  Many of these details can be found in my book Is Your House Haunted? ; which is currently available at Barnes & Noble and  

Without further delay, and since nearly everyone is so familiar with the term, let’s begin with poltergeists.

Poltergeist is a German term which means “noisy ghost.”  They, also, have the greatest ability to disturb the living.  They bang on walls, play music, hide possessions, slam doors, turn lights on and off, throw things across the room, and break objects.  They can produce voices, screams, and explosions.  Some are known to make the telephone ring and create puddles of water.  The malevolent poltergeists are known to slap, scratch, and push people.

Some paranormal investigators believe that poltergeist activity may unknowingly be caused by a highly emotional teenager whose energy fuels the mischief.  The best way to determine if the poltergeist is real or being manifested is to take notice of when the activity occurs. 

Poltergeists are the most difficult type of ghost to get rid of because it is uncharacteristic of them to communicate with the living.  Deal with them calmly but firmly, and contact a paranormal investigator to help you get rid of this spirit that is disrupting your home.


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