Ask Debi: How Do I Start Ghost Hunting?

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Ask Debi
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QUESTION Hey Debi, can someone without the ability to communicate with spirits, successfully join a ghost hunting team? If so, how do you suggest a beginner get started? Thanks!

Hey Jake, you don’t have to have any psychic abilities to join a ghost hunting team.  In fact, many ghost hunting teams don’t use psychics at all.    As a beginner, you’re going to want to search the Internet for ghost hunting teams in your area.  Contact them and see if they are taking new members.   Contact more than one and go hunting with each of them to see which team is a better fit for you.

Look for teams that are professional and responsible.  Don’t join a team who is just out to have fun.  While ghost hunting is fun, a serious ghost hunting team is looking for answers, not just entertainment on a Saturday night.  Ask the team leader if they have permission to be in the location you’re hunting.  You don’t want to be a member of a team that does not seek permission from the city or property owner to ghost hunt at any location.

Good luck!




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