Ask Debi: What’s the Significance of Spirits & Mirrors?

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Ask Debi
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QUESTION: What is the significance of spirits traveling through mirrors?

There is a theory among paranormal researchers that mirrors can act as a portal between our world and the spirit world.   A spirit will travel through a mirror because it is the path of least resistance between the two worlds.  I don’t think that there is any real significance to this type of travel for ghosts or spirits; it is simply one of the easiest ways for them to travel between the worlds.

Some people think that spirits have to be drawn through the mirror by someone living, or invited to use the mirror.  These people also believe that if you are experiencing negative emotions, such as depression, sadness, anger, etc., that you will attract a negative spirit through the mirror.

I actually worked on a case where this happened, and, because the spirit was attached to the mirror, the mirror had to be destroyed in order to get the spirit to leave.  Happily, this person has experienced no more paranormal events since the mirror was destroyed.

So to answer the question I know you’re asking yourself, I have 5 mirrors in my home, and have had no trouble with spirits coming through them.


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