PARANORMAL NEWS: What I’m up to next!

Posted: September 26, 2012 in News & Updates
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At the end of October I will be going up to Northern Michigan to check out reported sightings of Big Foot.

Just recently a woman reported hearing something hit her car at night while she was on her way home. When she got out to investigate, she saw some kind of scratches on the side of her car.

She called some family members to come get her because she was so scared and they saw what appeared to be big foot footprints in the soft soil by the dirt road.

In a related sighting nearby, someone reported multiple encounters with a big foot including howling, rock throwing, branches breaking and other typical big foot activity.

There have been a few other reports in the same area and I can’t wait to check them out!  BE SURE TO SIGN UP TO RECEIVE MY NEXT NEWSLETTER if you’d like to hear my findings!


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