SOLAR FLARES: Do They Affect Paranormal Activity?

Posted: September 26, 2012 in News & Updates


Many paranormal researchers believe that increased solar flare activity has a direct effect on paranormal activity. Solar flares and storms on the sun emit radioactive particles into the universe, including the atmosphere of the Earth.

When this happens the geomagnetic fields on Earth are altered and produce extra energy that is needed by ghosts to manifest, or cause other paranormal activity. Thunderstorms that contain high amounts of lightening can have the same effect as a solar flare.

Why does this increase paranormal activity you ask?

Because ghosts and spirits “feed” off of electrical energy such as the electricity in our homes and places of business, batteries, and the energy in the Earth’s atmosphere. The ghosts need this energy to manifest, and many paranormal teams report an increase in paranormal activity during known periods of solar flares or lightening storms.

If you are a ghost hunter, it could be in your best interest to check out what geomagnetic influences are in your area before you go out on your hunt.  It is also believed that the phases of the moon can have an effect on paranormal activity.  You can find out this information at


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