Ask Debi: How Do I Support My Gifted Teen Sister?

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Ask Debi, Kids with Gifts
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QUESTION:  I have a younger sister who has always had “invisible” friends. My parents always played into it…and thought she had a really great imagination. Now that she is a teenager, she is saying things she cannot possibly know. I really think she might have a gift. What can I do to support her? Are there places she can go to be tested for this? Thanks! Erika

Hi Erika,

The main thing you can do for your sister is listen to her and be there for her.  Being able to see ghosts can be quite scary for a kid, and they need to feel that someone believes them and will be there for them.   Also, don’t tease her about her gift or make light of it.   In other words, just be there for her and if she comes up with any information from a spirit, offer to help her research and validate the information – confirmation of what you see and hear goes a long way to build confidence in someone who has her gifts.

The life of someone who has this gift at times can be quite lonely and chaotic.  Make some special time where you and your sister do something together, just the two of you.  Let her know you are there for her by your actions, and your words.

Hope this helps!



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