Posted: September 26, 2012 in News & Updates

One of the best urban legends I’ve heard of in recent years is that of the Five Horsemen in Iowa.

The story goes that back in the days of the Wild West, a group of five outlaw horsemen murdered a family.  A posse was formed that included 12 men and the horsemen were hunted down and killed by this posse.

Ever since then, the ghastly horsemen have been seen riding through the town and the glades and rumor has it that when the horsemen ride, people die, but not just any people. It seems that the majority of the people who die are direct descendants of the members of the posse who killed the horsemen

Now this story was irresistible to me, so my friend and I got a hold of the cemetery records for this small town, the last names of the posse members, and the months and years the horsemen allegedly rode.  We compared those dates to the cemetery records and found that during the time the horsemen allegedly rode, deaths increased dramatically, and the majority of those deaths were directly related to the original posse members.

Circumstantial evidence to be sure, but still…. Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

It got my friend and I so curious we wrote a mystery story called, “Legacy of the Horsemen” based on this urban legend.

You can find it here: “Legacy of the Horsemen” at Amazon

You can find it here for Kindle: “Legacy of the Horsemen” at Amazon for Kindle



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