Hello world!

Posted: February 29, 2012 in News & Updates

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, All About Ghosts.  I will be posting a lot of interesting articles, questions, and updates about my ghostly adventures.  Please feel free to comment, ask a question, or leave a post about your own paranormal experiences! 

I’ve been able to see and communicate with ghosts all my life, so strange  and unusal  experiences are pretty much my normal.  I’m a big believer in trying to help the ghost and not just make it go away.  It kind of comes with the territory. I guess you could say I rescue ghosts and help them go into the light.  Kind of like that TV show The Ghost Whisperer, but without all the drama.

Ghosts are everywhere and walk among us more than some people realize. However, not every place is haunted. Most the ghosts I see are connected to a living person and tend to come forward when there is a person around who they know they can communicate with.  This doesn’t mean the person is haunted. It just means they want to communicate with that person, and once that is achieved, they pull their energy back.   It’s kind of like a John Edwards thing.

It’s been my experience that most people when they die, do go into the light and cross over to the other side, but have the choice to return from time to time in order to check on loved ones, convey a message, or attend a special event like a wedding, birthday party, etc. and then go back to the other side.

This blog is for everyone to participate in a discussion about ghosts and the paranormal, so don’t be shy about sharing your story, comment, or question.  In the meantime…………

Happy Hauntings



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