Is Your House Haunted?

Posted: September 14, 2012 in News & Updates
Your House Might Be Haunted If…
Are strange things happening in your home or business?
Phenomena that can’t always be explained away? 
What follows is a checklist of phenomena that might indicate your house is haunted.

Electrical Phenomena
Lights, radios, TV’s and other electrical appliances going on and off.

Unexplained Noises
Footsteps, banging, tapping, scratching, the sound of furniture, or other heavy object  being dragged or moved.

Doors Opening and/or Closing
Doors, kitchen cupboards, etc, open or close by themselves. Doors you know you locked are unlocked and/or open.

Missing Objects
Items go missing and then show up hours, days, weeks, or month’s later right where you  left them, or other obvious place you could not have possibly missed.

Unexplained Smells
The smell of perfume, cigarettes, pipe, cigar, or other smells good or bad. These smells come and go for no apparent reason, and often happen in conjunction with some other paranormal event.

Whispering, crying, screaming, your name, or other words being called out of seemingly nowhere.

Cold or Hot Spots
One spot in a room is hotter or colder than the rest of the room. Or, in some cases, the whole room goes very cold or very hot. One room may be colder or hotter than another, and often accompanied by other paranormal activity.

Feeling of Being Watched
This is not an uncommon event and could be attributed to many things. However, if this feeling occurs in only certain spots in your home and consistently at the same time, it’s possible it could be a paranormal event. The feeling that someone is following you up or down stairs falls into this category as well.

Animals Behaving Strangely
Your dog may bark, growl, or wag its tail at something you can’t see, or the dog may refuse to enter a room it would normally go into. Your cat  appears to be following something unseen across a room, or take a defensive posture such as hissing or make all its hair stand on end. Cats and dogs may suddenly become fearful and run from a room.

Moving Objects
Papers may fly off a desk; plates may crash to the floor, pictures flying off walls.   This is very rare, but can occur.

You see something move out of the corner of your eye, or you see a shadow scurry out of sight.

Physical Attacks
While rare, physical attacks such as being slapped, scratched, pushed, or shoved by something unseen.

Being Touched
Different from a physical attack, being touched could be something like an unseen hand on your shoulder, someone stroking your hair, or being touched in some other  non-violent manner.

You see a  white vaporous mist, it could be stationary or float across a room. You may  see a full body apparition that appears transparent or semi-solid.

Other Evidence
Unexplained writing on walls or paper, footprints, handprints, etc.

There are many ways a ghost or spirit can make itself known and this list is not all inclusive.  If any of these seemingly paranormal events are happening in your home, always look for a logical explanation before assuming it’s a ghost.

If you are experiencing any or many of these paranormal  events and need help, you can contact Debi at, or find out more about ghosts in my book: Is Your House Haunted?Image


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